AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-22Send messages over tcpHEADmasterMichiel Schuurmans
2016-11-24Merge branch 'TCP' into 'master' Michiel Schuurmans
2016-11-24Featue: Wroking TCP protocol, ready to test with CANbus Management systemmjjebnat
2016-11-24Send message fixMichiel Schuurmans
2016-11-24Edit feature pointer as size indication redeady for debugmjjebnat
2016-11-23Edit: instead of 4 ints, the size is showm in 3 hex character.mjjebnat
2016-11-23Feature: Protocol using start #, int: message type, 4 ints size, start messag...mjjebnat
2016-11-23Error: Character of int 0will quit the arrary print. Adjust protocol so data ...mjjebnat
2016-11-22Feature: protocol added to recognize new messageses by client. start: #, body...mjjebnat
2016-11-22Add build server scriptMichiel Schuurmans
2016-11-21Some minor changes in tcp file.Michiel Schuurmans
2016-11-21Edit: array from dynamic to static 10 for socketlist. Feature: write buffer c...mjjebnat
2016-11-20Feature: Socketlist is added to keep track of used sockets in tcp.c. Edit: a ...mjjebnat
2016-11-19The one main (testTCPmain.c) is replaced by function calls. In tcp.c, new fun...mjjebnat
2016-11-18testTCPmain.c single thread workingmjjebnat
2016-11-17Setup of TCP servermjjebnat
2016-11-08Current sourceMichiel Schuurmans
2016-11-08Current sourceMichiel Schuurmans